Yelem- A Support and Counseling Portal for Teens

One of Elem’s principles is to be where the adolescents are and give them the opportunity to make meaningful relationships with a significant adult while on their complex journey through adolescence. In 2004, Elem launched Yelem, a website providing information, counseling and emotional support to adolescents online, while being aware of the youngsters’ changing needs, technological developments and structural changes in the level of community, family and the individual. Many youngsters in need of counseling, guidance, information or even therapy prefer to remain anonymous and will turn to the internet for help and support where they will not be judged. The professionals are there for them at Yelem.

Yelem provides quality, reliable, accessible information, help and guidance in a number of ways to youth from all around the country, allowing them to remain anonymous:

Virtual Counseling Rooms – Staffed by specially trained professionals who volunteer their time providing "one-on one" anonymous counseling.

Forum – Simulating group work, enabling youth to share their experiences and difficulties with others. The forum is run by professional volunteers who have been trained and certified.

E-mail Support – youth can e-mail their questions to professional volunteers 24/7 and will receive a response and quality advice.

Facebook – including 3,500 friends with a responsive chat room for on line support. The Facebook page enables outreach, advertizing and marketing via specific campaigns.

Number of Youth who Received Support from the Project

In 2014 approximately 7,500 unique users visited the site each month. During the year about 3,250 interventions with 1,615 adolescents and young adults from the ages 12-21 were carried out over the four interfaces.

Human Resources

5 employees and 44 volunteers

Target Population

Adolescents and young adults aged 12-21 from all areas of the country and from all sectors of society who are experiencing difficulties or are in distress, who see the internet as a natural environment for support and guidance.

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